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Welcome to K12 MBA

  • 2 Year Program - 39 Credit Hours
  • No GMAT or GRE requirement
  • One-on-One discussions 9AM-9PM EST, CST, PST
  • Cohorts with no more than 15 Students
  • Diversified Professional Cohorts for MBA Courses
  • Same Cohort for School Business Management

Call today to determine which of your existing coursework credits apply!

School Business Management MBA

The School Business Management MBA provides the business fundamentals needed to lead and manage in today’s increasingly complex educational institutions.  This distinctive program is appropriate for educational professionals looking to advance their careers, or for anyone looking to transition into the field of educational administration.

The School Business Management MBA curriculum prepares you for the national certification program currently being developed by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International and follows their “standards, conduct and expectations of personal and professional integrity."

You will learn specific skills for an educational administrator related to budgeting, facilities management, human resources, public relations, and legal issues. Course content is modeled after guidelines set forth by ASBO International.

School Business Management concentration classes include:

  • Principles of School Business Management
  • Legal Issues for School Districts School
  • Evaluation and Change Processes
  • Educational Finance
Major advantages of the program include:

  • World class instruction; the program’s instruction possess first rate credentials and extensive experience in school business management.
  • Convenience; the two year, online format saves you time, allowing you to complete your degree while maintaining work and other personal schedule commitments.
  • Career options; the curriculum provides an in depth knowledge that is applicable in both public and private school environments.  You will graduate with the ability to manage school operations at all levels.
Our Service provides each and every prospective student with a one-on-one discussion on the value of the School Business Management online MBA program and how to get started.

We look forward to working with you to answer your questions and guide you through a completed application to the program.
"This program blends the best of business administration and school business management. The MBA portion of the program provides students with key management skills in areas such as business operations, finance and planning. The school management portion of the program applies these concepts to the school environment as well as addressing the unique duties of a school administrator.”

Craig Schilling
Associate Professor,
College of Business

Past Director, ASBO International
Past President, Illinois ASBO

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