Year 1
Year 2
Course  Duration 
Course  Duration 
 3 Principles of School Business Management 
 8 wks
   3 Managerial Accounting and Analysis
 8 wks
 3 Financial Accounting and Analysis  8 wks
   3 Legal Issues for School Districts
 8 wks
 3 Marketing Design and Strategy  8 wks
   3 Management of Human Resource
 8 wks
 2 Managerial Economics  6 wks
   3 School Evaluation and Change Processes
 8 wks
 1 Seminar in Descriptive Statistics  2 wks
   3 Educational Finance
 8 wks
 3 Macroeconomic Analysis  8 wks
   3 Ethical Strategic Leadership
 8 wks
 3 Operations Management  8 wks
   3 Capstone Experience
 8 wks
MBA - Concentration in School Business Management

Course Descriptions

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Introduction of key financial accounting concepts. Analysis of a firm’s historical, current and prospective financial condition and performance. Emphasis on investment and credit decision.
Marketing Design and Strategy
Developing and evaluating brand strategies over the life of the product. Strategies for introducing brands and reviving brands. Includes basic marketing principles of product, price, promotion, environment and customer.
Managerial Economics
Focus on basic microeconomic principles of the firm and relevance in business decisions. Covers supply and demand and its relationship to market outcomes and economic determinants of consumption, savings, and labor behavior.
Seminar in Descriptive Statistics
Basic statistical concepts and analytical tools for data driven decision making. Introduction to concepts of frequency, distribution, variation and normal curve correlations with application to business decisions.
Ethical Strategic Leadership
Decision making, negotiations and ethics. Cultural impact on management strategy. Create value, motivate resources, leading and creating high performance teams. Integrating performance across business units.
Macroeconomic Analysis
Focus on creation of money, function and roles of financial institutions, fiscal and monetary policy and the Federal Reserve system. Covers economic theory of financial markets and impact of government policies, determinants of national income, employment, investment, interest rates, inflation and exchange rates.


Management of Human Resources

Analyze policies in human resource management and organizational design, recruitment, selection hiring, development promotion and incentive based pay.
Operations Management
Concentrates on strategic decisions surrounding the production and delivery of goods and services. Value-added activities that transform resources into product. Covers process analysis, quality, inventory control, capacity planning and location decisions.

Managerial Accounting and Analysis

Accounting information used in decision making. Why firms are adopting activity based costing, economic value added and balanced scorecard decision models. Budgeting, cash flow and incremental analysis.

Comprehensive Experience

Principles of School Business Management

Introduces students to the role of school business management including key concepts, skills and aptitudes. Provides a basis from which students can connect and apply key school business management concepts to their graduate business education in the MBA Program.
Legal Issues for School Districts
This course examines the legal framework for school districts in Illinois. Case law will be examined and applied to legal problems that confront school administrators.
School Evaluation and Change Processes
Examination application of school program and curricular evaluation processes to school improvement. Examination and application of change processes and interventions.
Educational Finance
Public values, policy issues, specialized terminology and practical problems associated with the generation, distribution and internal allocation and control of education revenues and expenditures.
Capstone Experience
This experience is designed to integrate the knowledge and skills learned from the MBA program and apply them in a real world school environment.
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School Business Management Online MBA Program

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Program Description

The online Master of Business Administration Concentration in School Business Management (MBA) program provides educational professionals with the business fundamentals needed to lead and manage in the field, with the specific skill set necessary to become a qualified School Business Manager. This distinct program is appropriate for educational professionals looking to advance their careers, or for anyone looking to transition into the field.